Why do I need a Geiger Counter

The history of every nuclear accident or emergency involves officials and nuclear experts claiming that there is nothing bad happening. Since radiation is invisible and undetectable, there is plenty of temptation to claim that nothing bad is happening. It took many days for authorities to admit a meltdown was happening after Chernobyl blew up. It took three months for the government and TEPCO to admit three reactors had melted down. It took a long time for the folks around TMI to figure out that a partial meltdown happened, and no one was warned about high radiation levels.

Because man made radioactive heavy metal poisons are all invisible and undetectable to the human senses of touch, taste, sight, smell and sound, there is no warning possible, unless one has a radiation detector monitoring 24/7, around the clock.

A radiation detector these days is a requirement, just like a smoke detector is required in every bedroom, just in case. Unless the reader already understands how and why this may be the case, click on the following link and explore the corruption inside of these various agencies, etc...

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